Irish experience

 Four months ago I decided to come to Ireland to improving my level of English. In my opinion, the easiest way for doing that it was coming as an au pair.

I wanted to live this experience with my best friend, so we looked for two host families very close in a lost village. I don´t regret coming here because I have been very lucky and I am very grateful with them. I know each family is a world and all au pair are treated of different way.


It is true that I was used to going out when I wanted. I have lived away from my home for five years and I consider myself very independent. Now I can´t do that because we live in the countryside. So from time to time we live discovering new places.

From my point of view, if you want to stay in Ireland  a few days I would recommend you renting a car because the charm of Ireland is in its landscapes.  You can enjoy seeing the mountains, lakes, the countryside.

What are my expectations for 2014? I´ve thought of that and actually the future is uncertain and I am not sure what I will do with my life.

On the other hand I would like to go back to Spain for looking for a job as journalist but  at the same time I would like to continue learning English. I feel I have to keep training  as journalist too.

For now, I want to enjoy  and do the most of my time here.



Regreso a mi nueva rutina

 Ya hace prácticamente una semana que volví a Irlanda. Qué difícil se hacen siempre las despedidas cuando te encuentras tan bien en un lugar, con muy buena compañía. Tras unas excelentes vacaciones, al final más de dos semanas, he regresado a Rylane, mi sitio por un tiempo, todavía indefinido. Sigue leyendo

Una au pair más… en Cork

Hace aproximadamente un año empecé con este blog que tengo un tanto abandonado. Pido mil disculpas por este abandono, pero no frente a nadie, sino a mí misma, ya que como periodista he cometido un error: como tal debo estar al día o al menos  tener una relativa periodicidad, dependiendo de la información y de mis posibilidades.  Sigue leyendo